Welcome to Molding Services Inc. 

Molding Services Inc. is a state-of-the-art custom injection molding and contract manufacturing provider to customers and corporations across the globe. At MSI, you are not only involved in the process, as a partner you drive the process.

  • We can offer design enhancements to improve your product.
  • We can offer improvements to your product’s manufacturability through the application of our advanced technology and automation, reducing your cost.
  • We can offer the most efficient methods for manufacturing your product.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives and well-being of everyone associated with the business: owners, employees, customers and community. We will achieve this by making plastic injection molded parts with advanced levels of skill and creativity, the application of advanced technology and automation, and by partnering with customers. The end result is that customers seeking a full-service contract manufacturer offering the highest quality design, manufacture, assembly and delivery of plastic injection molded parts will find it at Molding Services Inc. of Illinois.

Commitment to Excellence

“Our support doesn’t end once the product has entered production. Continuous improvement and involvement with our customers is more than a priority, it’s the foundation of our success.”

Complete Engineering

Engineering your product from start to finish.

Complete Engineering

A thorough product review is conducted which is followed up by the product development. We use 3D solid modeling and SLA prototype sampling, then tooling is designed and built by experienced craftsmen, and finally the product’s automation is planned to maximize efficiency.

Highest Standards

Unmatched manufacturing quality and precision.

Highest Standards

We use an integrated system that encompasses all operations of design and production. Through continuous process improvement, product and process qualification, PPAP submissions, statistical control data, and standard procedures ensure that your highest expectations are met.

Injection Molding

Molten material injected into custom molds.

Injection Molding

With state-of-the-art equipment, leading technology, a fully automated facility, practicing lean manufacturing principles, we specialize in products that require difficult and close-tolerance manufacturing. Our injection molding process and parts quality is second to none.

Contract Manufacturing

MSI is your complete manufacturing solution.

Contract Manuacturing

MSI is more than your manufacturer, we’re your solution. We custom mold. manufacture, and assemble your project to your exact specifications. We are committed to giving our customers exactly what they need in a timely manner and with the precision they demand.